tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

The sun is rising up

Me, me, me is always is just me. I’m tired of this life, if I’m would be able to call this a life. Another day has just begun. You could see sun rising up, but for what? Couldn’t just be night forever? I like the night, the moonlight and the silence. Is like is just me and my world that dos matter. I’m really alone if I could just fine someone like me it would be like I’m in heaven. But that never going to happened.
I lay in my bed and thinking over those things, then my alarm rung. School, I need to get ready or I’m just going to be late. I just had moved from my boarding high school, to a bigger city, to a collage. I study pedagogy, it wasn’t as fun as I had imagined. It was ok.
I left home and I was standing in the bus stop and waiting for the bus to arrive. It was cold, and then autumn wind was dancing through my face. It was pretty cold, but kind of delighting. The bus was on his way I could see the nr 2 from distance. I got on the bus and find a place to sit. Take my I pod out of my pourse and turn it on. I set on a classic piano song and watched the threes out side window. It was cool I like it, but that wasn’t so long of that coolness and yeah we were here at, my “lovely” collage. I hate that to walk through the hall and every one was staring at me. I didn’t know why they always did that, it had been kind of normal for me. Maybe they do that to every, but for me seems like it was just me. In our collage we hadn’t classrooms but we had many auditoriums. We were 92 in my class I didn’t barely knew them. So I just find myself a sit to sit on. The class had just begun, I could see the teacher is standing beside the blackboard and talking, but if I could understand what he was talking about it would be awesome. And again I was on my thoughts, suddenly I noticed that guy that sitting next to me is a new student I never had seen him in my first month of collage, not in my class. He wasn’t pay attention either. He was actually drawing. He was drawing the teacher. That made me laugh, ha-ha that was so funny . I didn’t know why I mean that I didn’t had anything against drawing and especially not against my teacher. But then it was funny, suddenly I notice him staring at me, I was staring at the picture he drawing. I stop laughing before the whole class and the teacher has notice me do in it and I left up my head and look at his face, his eyes. O’ my God they were so beautiful, his face was so cute. I just froze; I never had seen such perfect face in my entire life. For a second I just wonder that is he for real?
And then the bell rung and he begun to pack his stuff it was lunch. He was for real then; I stop staring him and pack my things. I was on my way out then I heard a voice and feel that someone is pocking me at my shoulder. I froze, turn around and tried to listing to the voice…

søndag 7. september 2008


Today is my frist day,That I'm ganna write blogg on public .. hehe , so is kinda of scary!:P
That's Todays Picture!
HAve a nice day^^